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Author Topic: Contents  (Read 4746 times)
Four Star Sneetch
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Llama llama duck

« on: January 03, 2019, 11:36:36 am »

Because I was having trouble keeping track, and got tired of wading through 20 back issues to find a thread, I started indexing where people show up. Here's what I have so far. If you find it useful, please contribute.

1:1-Tari, blond
1:1-Annie, mentioned
1:3-Marlissa, dark
1:3-Kayleigh, mentioned, Marlissa’s roommate
1:4-Marlissa controlled
1:8-unnamed employee, brunette, glasses (Janice)
1:10-unnamed woman controlled (Kendra)
1:11-Kendra controlled
2:1-unnamed redhead
2:3-Janice identified, Annie identified
2:3-unnamed bus rider, purple hair (Ulrika)
2:4-Ulrika controlled
2:5-Janice controlled
2:9-Kayleigh, redhead
2:10-Kayleigh controlled
3:1-Kayleigh, Marlissa
3:6-unnamed blonde whore (Tari; establishes speech pattern)
3:7-Janice controlled
3:9-Ulrika controlled
3:10-Kayleigh, Lela & Tari mentioned
3:11-Ulrika controlled, Kayleigh
4:1-Ulrika, Kayleigh
4:4-Janice controlled
4:5-Janice controlled
4:7-Tari controlled
4:8-Janice controlled
4:10-Lela, brunette
4:12-Janice, Kayleigh
5:1-unnamed brunette with bun (Teresa), Clovis
5:3-Janice, controlled
5:4-Janice, controlled
5:10- Bethany named, appears to be a brunette
5:12-Escayola identified as a skeltor
5:12 Janice
6:1 Janice, brunette, red dress (Bethany)
6:2-Clovis, Ruben Escayola, (Teresa)
6:3 Bethany identified, Ulrika, Tari
6:4 Bethany controlled
6:5 Janos mentioned
6:6 Bethany controlled
6:8 Janice
6:9 Tari, controlled
7:1 Ulrika, Escayola
7:2 Ulrika, Tari, controlled
7:4 gold woman, channeling Janice
7:5 Ulrika controlled
7:9 Kayleigh, Escayola, Tarı, Ulrika
7:10 Ulrika, Tari, Marlissa, Janice, Kayleigh
7:11 Lela controlled
8:1 Lela
8:2 …controlled
8:3 Tari, unidentified man
8:4 Marlissa, Janice, Kayleigh, Lela
8:5 Kayleigh, Escayola
8:6 (Teresa), unidentified woman with black straight hair, Clovis
8:7 Lela, Marlissa
8:9 Kayleigh, Escayola
8:10 Janice
8:11 …controlled
8:12 Kayleigh, Lela
9:1 Janos
9:3 Unidentified blonde (Heidi), controlled
9:4 Heidi identified
9:8 gold woman
9:10 Tari
9:12 unidentified man, broken nose, police (Joachim)
10:1 Tari, police, Clovis, (Teresa)
10:2 Joachim identified
10:3 Kayleigh, gold woman
10:4 Alberto, long blonde hair (Tari?), (Teresa), Clovis
10:5 Kayleigh, Heidi, controlled
10:7 Tari loves Joachim, Escayola
10:8 Janice, Marlissa, Lela
10:9 Tari, Teresa identified, Clovis, Joachim Chulpayev mentioned (“Alberto’s lieutenant”)
10:10 Kayleigh, Heidi. Max, Heidi’s husband, mentioned
10:11 Heidi “Rodriguez”, Janice, black dude with gun
10:12 Escayola, Kayleigh, Heidi, gold woman
11:1 Bethany?, Kayleigh, Heidi
11:3-Heidi, Kayleigh
11:4-Theresa, Heidi, Joaquim
11:5-Bethany?, Heidi, Kayleigh
11:6-Theresa, Bethany?,
11:7-Teresa controlled
11:8-Teresa, Pablo, Reggie (Clovis’s guys), Kayleigh, gold girl
11:9-Kayleigh, gold girl, Marlissa, Lela, Janice
11:10-Teri, Joaquin; Alfredo, Clovis mentioned
11:12-Janice, Marlissa, Lela, Kayleigh, Bethany
12:2-Teresa, Clovis, Escayola
12:3-Tari, Joachim
12:4-Alfredo, Tari, Kayleigh
12:5-Clovis, Alfredo (judge?), Teresa
12:6 ??blonde??, ??redhead??
12:7 Tari, ??blonde??, ??redhead??
12:8 Escayola, Clovis, Alfredo, ??blonde??, ??redhead??
12:9 Tari, Kayleigh, ??blonde??, ??redhead?? (officers, work with Kayleigh, controlled); flashback
12:10 Teresa, Alfredo, ??redhead??, Clovis
12:11 ??blonde??, ??redhead??, Teresa, Joaquim, Escayola
12:12 Tari, Kayleigh, ??blonde??, ??redhead??
12:13 Tari, ??blonde??, ??redhead??, Kayleigh
13:1 Janice
13:3 redhead (Cybelle)
13:5 Cybelle identified
13:6 Janice
13:7 Tari, Janice, Joachim
13:8 Tari, Joachim
13:9 Janice
13:10 Escayola. Jorge Vallejo/Bethany relationship described
13:11 Tari Norrum, Escayola
13:12 Tari put the book in the bookstore
14:1 Tari, Teresa
14:2 Taxi, gold woman
14:5 Bethany
14:7 Teresa. Clovis' money -> Teresa, so -> Daffyd
14:8 Marlissa, Kayleigh, Lena?, Teresa? or Bethany?
14:9 gold woman; Kendra mentioned
14:11 Kendra controlled
14:12 Janice, Kendra
15:1 Janice, Kendra
15:12 Bethany, Oliver the driver, Nicolette
15:13 Nicolette controlled
16:1 Bethany, Kayleigh
16:3 Nicolette mentioned
16:4 Tari, Joachim
16:5 Nicolette controlled
16:7 Tari, Joachim
16:8 Nicolette
16:9 Kayleigh, Bethany, Nicolette
16:10 Bethany, Lela
16:12 Lela, Bethany, Kayleigh
17:1 Kayleigh, Bethany
17:2 Bethany, Lela
17:3 Janice, Tari, Teresa?
17:4 Kayleigh
17:5 Bethany, Lela
17:6 Tari, Janice, Teresa?
17:7 Kayleigh; "the mark"
17:8 Tari, Janice, Teresa? Escayola
17:9 Kayleigh marked
17:10 Lela, Bethany, angry Marlissa
17:11 Kayleigh, Marlissa
17:12 Marlissa enslaved
18:1 Bethany, Marlissa, Lela
18:5 Janice, Tari, Jaime Janice's husband
18:6 Teresa, Joachim?
18:7 Kayleigh, Marlissa dominated
18:9 Janice, Tari, Jaime
18:10 Teresa, Joachim?
18:11 Janice, Tari, Jaime
18:12 Bethany, Lela
19:1 Nicolette, Bethany
19:2 Janice, Ulrika
19:3 Tari, Teresa, Joachim?, Escayola
19:4 Ulrika dominated
19:5 ...Janice
19:6 ...Tari
19:7 Nicolette, Bethany, Marlissa, Lela
19:8 Kayleigh, Escayola, Bethany mentioned
19:9 Nicolette, Bethany, Marlissa, Lela
19:10 Tari, Kayleigh, Cybelle controlled
19:11 Nicolette, Bethany, Marlissa, Lela
19:12 Nicolette
20:1 Nicolette, Bethany as imagined
20:3 Bethany, Escayola, Lela, Marlissa
20:4 Joachim, Tari
20:5 Nicolette
20:8 Janice, Jaime
20:10 Nicolette
20:12 Marlissa, Lela, Bethany, Escayola, Nicolette marked
21:1 Nicolette, gold woman
21:4 Bethany, ??brunette??, Teresa, Escayola
21:5 Janice, Teresa+??brunette??, Ulrika
21:6 Nicolette, Bethany, Marlissa, Lela
21:8 Cybelle, Ulrika, Janice
21:9 Cybelle, Heidi
21:12 Cybelle, unidentified blonde listener
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Dr. White
Three Star Sneetch
Posts: 165

« Reply #1 on: January 05, 2019, 04:17:14 pm »

I like this kind of thing. Thank you.

I think the two women in the booth next to Dafyyd and Cybele are the controlled police officers from Chapter 12.

I am also wondering who the other woman who came to discuss things with Dafyyd is.

(and by the way, chapter 12 came out in 2014. Clovis has been 'gone' for five years...)

Everything is about sex except sex. Sex is about power. - Oscar Wilde
Four Star Sneetch
Posts: 292

Llama llama duck

« Reply #2 on: January 09, 2019, 08:50:56 am »

I'd really like to add the various plot lines to the list, but I don't have the energy.
Four Star Sneetch
Posts: 334


« Reply #3 on: January 09, 2019, 12:32:42 pm »

I'd really like to add the various plot lines to the list, but I don't have the energy.
If it's any help, I don't think we've encounterd nanites or (space)alien mind-probes yet. Still, it's only been running for 8 years or so....

Four Star Sneetch
Posts: 334


« Reply #4 on: January 09, 2019, 04:57:45 pm »

I was thinking about the whole site, and I've just remembered Occurence so just no nanites yet (?)

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