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Author Topic: Which of Daphne's stories would you most like to see as a comic?  (Read 2491 times)
One Star Sneetch
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Comics Fan

« on: July 11, 2019, 12:53:49 pm »

I thought about making this a survey; decided that doing it like this and doing the math later was better.

A number of Daphne's stories have made it to other media already.  The question is: Which one of her stories on the EMCSA, that hasn't been turned into an MC Comic and/or other media would YOU want to read in comic book format?  Others, sure.  I'd love to see MY pick as a video or audiobook as well.  This is the Comics forum, though, so that's what we care about right now.  If there are any Patreon bonus stories of which I'm unaware, by all means, let's hear about them.  To make the game accessible to all, though, let's stick to the EMCSA list.

I'll open. 

"Talked Me Into It." 

This was the story that showed me that a loving MC couple could have "friends with whom they share a secret" rather than mindless fuckslaves.  That there could be a couple who only use Master and Mistress symbolically because they're MC Freaks like all of us and that the only mindless fucktoy they have is someone whom it turns out that's ALWAYS been her biggest fantasy!  If I said that her work was no influence on my own at all; you, me, her, and all fictional characters involved, even the ones who AREN'T self-aware, would know I was lying.
Four Star Sneetch
Posts: 696

« Reply #1 on: July 11, 2019, 08:46:12 pm »

In concert with the MM Action poll, I was going to say Labor of Love, but forgot Dreamfire wrote that. Still think it’s a great story with a clear endpoint built in and a lot of really hot elements.

Speaking of stuff Daphne has actually written, Above That Ye Are Able. Trigger Warning and The Inheritance have a similar basic premise, but what I like about ATYAA is the way he reverse engineers the enslavement process to start making his own new slaves, rather than just collecting the works of another. The darker, vaguely somber tone was also an enjoyable change of pace.

P.S. Here Be Dragons would make for a fun one-off.
Three Star Sneetch
Posts: 200

Comics Fan

« Reply #2 on: August 15, 2019, 05:45:50 pm »

I continue to wish for the opposite, namely, some of Daphne's comics turned into prose.  "Obedience" would be great.

"Generation Gap" would make a good comic.
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