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Author Topic: Character Reference Sheet  (Read 3297 times)
Four Star Sneetch
Posts: 616

« on: August 15, 2018, 08:07:58 pm »

Aight, my memory for people is shit and I’m to the point of losing track of characters in this series, so time to make a guide. Maybe others will benefit too~

Updated: 2020-06-18 through Part 14

The Assets


Appears in: 8 - 10, 12, 13

  • red hair in a partial side cut; freckles
  • wife of guy having an affair with Annie

  • worried because she saw Annie leave her building
  • taken by Dr. Laurel right off the street and induced to make an appointment
  • made to understand it is important that her husband fuck lots of whores
  • ...and that she is one herself
  • receives a Hypno-Whore summons from Hélène and Bertrand


Appears in: 2, 4, 5, 7 - 11

  • medium length brown hair
  • wife of David; reportedly unpleasant woman; former patient of Dr. Michaels

  • not happy about Katie's presence in her household
  • refuses to see a therapist; unfortunately for her, Dr. Michaels makes house calls
  • used at home along with Katie by a man who just shows up
  • taken by a coworker of her husband for shits and giggles
  • has her mind locked in The Deep Place by Laurel
  • becomes a mindless French maid only good for housework and sex
  • kept in that state and constantly re-conditioned there by echoes of Laurel


Appears in: 2 - 4, 6 - 10, 13, 14

  • blonde pixie cut
  • married; former patient of Dr. Michaels

  • wanted to break things off with her fiancé
  • agreed to see Dr. Michaels for relationship counseling
  • tried to leave but was restrained forced into trance
  • turned into a submissive wife-bot
  • continued to see Dr. Michaels to ‘get in touch with her sexuality’
  • used for an affair by Aimee’s husband
  • ... and also by other men
  • imprisoned inside her own mind and replaced with an even more docile wife personality

The Cheerleaders

Appear in: 6 - 11

  • young and nubile; come in a variety of styles

  • entranced and then thoroughly brainwashed by Dr. Laurel and her boobies
  • turned into slutty Hypno-Whores who love to fuck and suck anyone they’re told to
  • used as the yearly entertainment by a bunch of old, rich guys
  • perform all manner of services, including kneeling for a blind taste test of their cunts
  • sent home with only memories of the gentlemen acting like, well, proper gentlemen
  • surprised to be booked again for next year, but not at all opposed to the idea...


Appears in: 11 - 14

  • unruly, pale brown hair; glasses; sizable rack
  • a recipient of the video that Laurel made

  • taken aback by receiving a DVD in this day and age
  • even more taken aback by what’s on it, namely, Laurel’s tits
  • quickly succumbs and begins her training as a Hypno-Whore
  • activated by her neighbor Mr. Ulrich for some wet and wild fun
  • offers to start training her ass for him
  • ...but of course Earl doesn't have exclusive use of her
  • starts dressing a bit more... "you know"

Dinah's Mom

Appears in: 12 - 14

  • brownish grey hair; blue eyes; passed on (most of) her good genes to Dinah
  • finds the recording of Dr. Laurel that Dinah left playing

  • would scold Dinah (again) about picking up after herself... if she could think right now
  • gets programmed as a Hypno-Whore too
  • more than happy to help next-door neighbor Earl out while Dinah is on assignment


Appears in: 5 - 7, 10, 11, 14

  • wavy black hair
  • (formerly) unsatisfied wife

  • wants out of her marriage but convinced to stay by Dr. Laurel’s tits
  • discovers that some random blond haired guy is also her lover
  • plays Harem Girl for him
  • picked up by Side Cut Bro at the opera and told to deliver herself to Box X, for the sex
  • blows him in full view of people outside
  • enjoyed by Dr. Michaels for her talents, in dance and other areas


Appears in: 6 - 13

  • sharply tapered blonde bob
  • coach/advisor for The Cheerleaders

  • entranced along with her charges
  • given control over them
  • will follow all instructions when she receives The Text
  • brings the squad to a mansion for weekend “practice”
  • given to Bertrand for a year as a reward
  • helpfully informs her new lover/Master that The Cheerleaders are her hypnotic slaves
  • suggests Bertrand have Laurel turn her into a brainless, big-boobed fucktoy


Appears in: 1, 3 - 6, 9 - 11

  • long, black hair; voluptuous figure
  • married; former patient of Dr. Michaels

  • initially suspicious of Dr. Michaels and so it took several tries to hypnotize her
  • made into a slutty, cock-obsessed whore for her boss
  • used as a copulation tool by an older couple
  • such an asset at work that she moves up the corporate ladder, in her own special way
  • role-plays? as Fuckbot Janice
  • reprogrammed by Dr. Laurel as a fuckunit for real
  • her new priorities are to work and fuck (her supervisor), and that’s it


Appears in: 1 - 4, 7, 10, 11

  • poofy, light brown bob
  • au pair for David and Alix; former patient of Dr. Michaels

  • placed with a childless couple as an au pair. hrm...
  • soon starts servicing David almost every day
  • helps out with Dr. Michaels’ house call to treat Alix
  • taken to the opera as David’s... assistant
  • quite enjoys her new status as lady of the household
  • ...and having Alix as their maid

Dr. Laurel

Appears in all issues.

  • long black hair with purple highlights; hypnotic tits
  • therapist extraordinaire

  • takes on Dr. Michaels’ patients after <mysterious circumstances>
  • uses her hypnotic breasts to entrance all comers
  • ambushed and enslaved by Dr. Michaels
  • subcontracted out by him as a specialty practitioner
  • records a video of her hypnotic tits for <nefarious purposes>
  • knows exactly how to handle meddling cops


Appears in: 4, 5, 7, 9 - 11, 14

  • wavy brown hair
  • Dr. Laurel’s secretary

  • taken by Dr. Laurel to de-stress after work
  • taken by Dr. Michaels to help him manage Laurel
  • goes on dates with random guys who show up at their office, because reasons
  • helps record Dr. Laurel’s tits for posterity... and no doubt other uses


Appears in: 14

  • straight blonde hair; blue eyes
  • friend of Dinah's

  • invited over for movie night by Dinah
  • not down for watching the boob tube
  • ...and yet it rots her brain anyway

"Company Fuck-Doll"

Appears in: 13, 14

  • short, white hair; epic rack
  • brings a litany of fully-substantiated claims to HR

  • left in the company of Dr. Laurel's digital goods
  • repurposed as a happy and wholly owned company whore
  • transforms into a blow-up sex-doll when triggered

“Officer Hypno-Whore”

Appears in: 12 - 14

  • short, professional black hair; green eyes
  • investigating the disappearances of some of Dr. Laurel's patients

  • thinks Dr. Laurel is going to check her records, but is presented with Laurel's boobs instead
  • will find the 'missing' women to throw off suspicion... and then join them
  • suddenly very forgiving of people at headquarters making passes at her

The Clientele
(in order of appearance)

Janice’s Boss ~ 1
convinced Janice to seek therapy with Dr. Michaels

David, Alix’s husband and Katie’s employer ~ 2, 7, 10, 11
dark hair and goatee
acquires Katie from Dr. Michaels
employs his services to fix Alix’s outlook on Katie
gets tired even of Alix’s tame incarnation, so has Dr. Laurel erase her mind
takes Katie to the opera while Mindless Maid Alix is left at home

Annie’s husband ~ 3, 7, 9, 10
black hair combed up in front
brings Annie to Dr. Michaels to prevent her breaking up with him
enjoys some quality time with Janice
comes home to Annie in naked apron, and ponders the possibilities a more robotic wife-bot

Janice’s New Boss ~ 4
middle-aged executive
new boss, same as the old boss

Aimee’s husband ~ 4, 8, 9
younger guy; light colored hair
has an affair with Annie
refers Aimee to Dr. Laurel behind her back

Old Guy who visits Alix and Katie ~ 4
wears plaid, because old
just shows up like he owns the place
enjoys Alix and Katie’s hospitality

Gerald ~ 5
guy in a brown suit
works with David and doesn’t like him
uses Alix as his cum-dumpster just to stick it to David while sticking it in her

Devin, Francesca’s husband ~ 5, 7, 10
salt and pepper hair; goatee
“contracts” Dr. Laurel to fix his marriage

White Haired Couple ~ 5
use Janice as a sex toy to facilitate copulation

Blond Guy ~ 6
takes Francesca as a lover and has her show up in harem garb

Rando Guy who takes Annie off the street ~ 6
cums on her face, as you do

Janice’s New New Boss ~ 6
has her do an ‘interview’ and decides to buy her outright
has Janice reprogrammed as nothing more than a productive fuckunit for him

Some Black Dude ~ 7
shows up at Laurel’s office and ‘asks’ Lia out

The Gentleman’s Club ~ 8 - 11
Oliver employs Hélène and her cadre of Cheerleader Hypno-Whores as entertainment for their yearly get-together
have a such jolly good time that they book them again for next year

Bertrand ~ 8 - 13
brown hair stylishly combed back
wins the Cheerleader Cunt Taste Test
receives Hélène as his lover for a year

Side Cut Bro ~ 10, 11
waylays Francesca outside the Ladies Room at the opera
gives zero fucks that people notice Francesca blowing him at his box seat

Mr. Earl Ulrich ~ 12-14
neighbor of Dinah and her mom
gives Dinah pervy looks... and Dr. Laurel DVDs... and his cock

Evil HR Manager ~ 13, 14
greyish business cut
complaints are much easier to handle now that he has a Dr. Laurel DVD

1%'er ~ 13, 14
cool car, Bro
enjoys the finer things in life, like nerdy, nubile coeds of the Dinah variety

Detective Sexual Harassment ~ 13, 14
works with the female officer
has more luck making a pass at his colleague after she paid a visit to Dr. Laurel
throws her off Dr. Laurel's scent and onto his

The Puppet Master

Dr. Michaels

Appears in: 1 - 5, 7, 10, 14

  • corrupt former hypnotherapist
  • (inter?)national man of mystery
  • prefers to never show his face and work from the shadows

  • (mal)practicing hypnotherapist before disappearing under <mysterious circumstances>
  • returns to spin a web around and ultimately ensnare Dr. Laurel
  • restarts his Hypno-Whore empire using her as his patsy and prime recruiter
  • explores merchandising opportunities with Dr. Laurel DVDs

Edit 1: Minor rewordings and formatting changes.
Edit 2: Added Dr. Michaels, who had been absent for some reason.
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Three Star Sneetch
Posts: 160

« Reply #1 on: August 17, 2018, 03:04:52 am »

Great guide for my fave series! Even just reading the descriptions got me excited :-) Nice work.
Four Star Sneetch
Posts: 616

« Reply #2 on: May 29, 2019, 04:40:56 am »

I did the thing~
Three Star Sneetch
Posts: 160

« Reply #3 on: May 29, 2019, 09:15:00 am »

You'll have issue 12 to add VERY soon :-)
Three Star Sneetch
Posts: 160

« Reply #4 on: November 19, 2019, 02:36:41 pm »

You'll have issue 12 to add VERY soon :-)

Nicely done!!
Three Star Sneetch
Posts: 160

« Reply #5 on: June 10, 2020, 09:20:12 am »

Looking forward to the updates for issue 14 Smiley
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