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Title: Unknown Pleasures #8
Post by: Daphne on November 03, 2018, 12:13:20 pm
Deanna calls to make some very interesting plans, and Amy has something special for our hero…

(https://mindcontrolcomics.com/comics/images/unknown_pleasures/i08/unknown_pleasures-i08-p00.jpg) (https://mindcontrolcomics.com/comics/unknown_pleasures/i08/preview)

Written by: Daphne • Pencils: Patagonico • Colors and Lettering: PortalComic

Title: Re: Unknown Pleasures #8
Post by: wcw43921 on November 21, 2018, 12:49:08 pm
I'm not usually this slow on the uptake--at least I'd like to think I'm not.  But it finally occurred to me that this story takes place in the late Seventies or early Eighties, and I rather like that idea.  As someone who "grew up" with Eighties porn and Eighties porn stars, I'd love to see more stories set in the Eighties from MCC and MCT, with emphasis on women's fashions--especially the hair.  I'll say it again--if there's any such thing as "Come-Fuck-Me" hair, it's women's hairstyles from the Eighties.

As for this story--well, if a certain busty brunette of Armenian descent were to get one of David's subliminal message tapes, and got into porn as a result--that would make me very happy.

Good Job, as usual.  Looking forward to the next installment.